Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Regrets? I've had a few

Seems that ARod is opening up a bit more about some of his past regrets, namely forgoing the Mets in 2000 to chase the $252million in Texas. Hard to argue this one, even if it's ARod. Texas was not a winner and the Mets were on the way to becomming a consistent threat in the NL East. Just imagine what the Mets would look like now, with ARod on their team? Makes you wonder where David Wright or Jose Reyes would be, either on the Mets or somewhere else.

Not much eye-opening to the article, but it's ARod and it will get lotsa press. Some of the more interesting things, to me:

The three-time MVP says that at some point after his opt-out decision in October, he realized he could be headed for a similar scenario, with Boras dictating his next destination.

"So to make the right decision just feels really good," Rodriguez said, "versus being taken down a road where I'm like, 'Oh, my God, where am I? Oh, $400 million to play in some place I hate? Great, I'll blow my --- head off.' "
I really wonder why he mentioned $400 million when it was clear to everyone that the Yanks were again the high bidder with no other team seemingly in contention. I can't see the Angels or Detroit, or even Boston, going that high for anyone. Frankly, $300 million is already ludicrous, and $400 million for one player is so beyond all rational comprehension, I struggle to find words to capture it. But was Detroit really going to go that far? I really wonder.

Speaking of Detroit, he mentions them, curiously, later in the article, leading me to wonder if Detroit had someone whispering in Boras' ear very loudly:

"I want to believe it's the same with me. If I had gone to Detroit or someplace and I don't win, people are going to hammer me, because there's no loyalty, and by moving again, I don't represent anything. Instead, I'm planting my roots here and saying I want to win with one team and represent something as a Yankee the rest of my career. I think it's the right way to do it."
Certainly seems like they might have been ready to go that deep.

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