Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Post-draft post-mortem

So much for expectations....

Well, I ended up with Miguel Cabrera as my first round pick after all, even though there was a little twist in the 5 leading up to me. In short, Johan was available to me and I let him go. I might regret this. Then again, I'm gonna need all that Cabs can deliver.

First 6 picks:

  1. ARod
  2. Pujols
  3. Reyes
  4. Wright
  5. Howard
  6. M.Cabrera
After that, no major surprises, except for Vlad jumping up into the first, being taken 8th, ahead of Johan, Utley, Beltran, Sizemore.

With a surprise, I got Soriano in the 2nd. Quite pleased. Great HR/SB mix, but he won't help my OBP. This will be a theme, sadly. I had targeted one of Teix/Berkman/C.Lee in the 2nd, figuring Soriano would be gone. Except he wasn't and Teix/Berkman were passed over for the speed/power allure. Possibly a mistake as I already had some speed on board.

In the 3rd, I was set, and I mean SET, on taking Adam Dunn, since most conventional rankings had him much lower than a 3rd rounder due to his low BA (we use OBP, boosting his value). Except the guy drafting before me took Dunn. Heartbreaking. I took Aramis Ramirez, a good 3B source of power (even though I drafted one of those in the 1st) but not an OBP hog. Uh-oh. Meanwhile, the guy in front of me just drafted Howard-Berkman-Dunn. I'd rather have his draft so far than mine of Cabrera-Soriano-Aramis.

Here is the rest of my draft:
  1. Cabrera
  2. Soriano
  3. Aramis Ramirez
  4. Abreu
  5. Figgins (more speed? three 3b in 5 picks? Was set to take Carlos Pena, taken by the same guy who took Howard/Berkman/Dunn. He's got a sick offense right now, but no speed!)
  6. Franceour (I think he can hit 30, but a low OBP unless he finally learns some plate discipline)
  7. Chris Young (having a keeper blocking my next pick, I wanted to get at least one top 15 starter and I'm fond of NL starters. If his back holds up, I'm happy)
  8. Morneau (keeper)
  9. Yovanni Gallardo (a bit of a reach as an also-injured Lackey was still available but Lackey's injury is arm/shoulder and Gallardo's coming back from a minor knee scope. I think he's one of those emerging young guns that I really want to have)
  10. AJ Burnett (needing some SP, I took a high-K pitcher on a decent team. Will have to face the Yanks/Sox a bunch but I like him)
  11. Johnny Damon (again I was jumped by the OBP king as he took Thome right before I took Damon. I think Damon's due for a bounce-back year and another source of runs/speed. Except I didn't need that; I needed OBP/power)
  12. Kenji Johjima (I never, ever, draft a C before the end rounds, but Johjima was just dangling out there before the drop into the lower-level C's. The pick was widely applauded, so maybe I got one here)
  13. Wang (keeper)
  14. JJ Hardy (I needed a MI here and having just missed on K.Greene and others, along with a 5 round keeper block coming, I took Hardy, probably a reach. However, he can pop 20+ HR this year from the MI spot so that's a positive)
  15. Percival (big dropoff into closer-hell and with a 5 round rest coming up, I wanted to lock down my 2nd closer. I didn't love this pick then, and I don't love it now. But I need 3 RP and had to get one, so it was him, B.Lyon, K.Gregg, etc. Not much to love down here)
  16. BJ Ryan (I really wanted Ryan this year. Maybe I am too optimistic on his return, but I think he can over-deliver for his draft round. Not to mention, if he does return to form, he's a keeper next year. He goes straight to my DL to start the year)
  17. Papelbon (keeper)
  18. Hanley (keeper)
  19. Phil Hughes (keeper)
  20. BJ Upton (keeper)
  21. Matt Kemp (keeper)
  22. Brandon Lyon (everyone's avoiding this guy because he's had a bad Spring. Can't say I disagree, but he's been named closer of the D'backs, a contending team in the NL West. Needing to start 3 RP, he was the only starting closer left on the board)
  23. Nate McLouth (Grady Sizemore-lite? The next Eric Byrnes? Or the guy I wasted a pick on when I should have a guy like Daric Barton, an OBP machine?)
  24. Mike Mussina (I realized that I have to add at least 1 SP, if not 2 in my last 3 picks due to roster requirements/injury. Adding Moose, who has indeed looked good this Spring, wasn't a bad pick. I preferred to add a young, protectable prospect like Jay Bruce or the aforementioned Daric Barton, both of whom went after my taking Moose. Oh well.)
  25. Manny Parra (was totally set to take Clayton Kershaw but the OBP King stole him from me, again. Bigtime bummer. Parra was getting some hype earlier this Spring, less so lately. But he's starting for the Brewers in a pretty easy NL Central, so maybe he can win a dozen. Maybe he becomes something good, but I know that's a longshot)
  26. Andre Ethier (was targeting Cameron Maybin and Colby Rasmus here but both taken to start off the 26th rd. Ethier has won the LF spot in LA but I fear he will have to split time with Pierre if he doesn't keep hitting like he has this Spring, over .350 with great peripherials. Maybe he blooms.)

Anyways, that's the draft. Comments always welcome.

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