Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Great moments in Scouting


Boston Red Sox scout Jesse Levis, 39, gave the term "scouting" a new definition yesterday. Rather than peering into a camera and feverishly jotting notes on ballplayers, he was nabbed peering out his 2nd floor hotel window at underage girls, feverishly, um, stirring the franks and beans.

"His explanation didn't add up," said police spokesman Rob Vega. "We have four witnesses who say he was standing there 40 minutes. Rearranging your clothes and masturbating are definitely two different things."

Wonder if the Red Sox fans who mugged a Yankee fan in Cambridge would do the same to this guy?

And not for nothing, maybe it's just me, but doesn't this dude look 10+ years older than 39?

Jesse Levis, way to get yourself booted out from the inside of MLB, a dream most of us would love to have.

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