Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nothing to all the HGH claims, usage

This just smacks of some group of researchers getting paid by some company/lobby to conduct some half-assed tests just so they can publish a report that says "drugs are bad, m'kay". As usual, emphasis mine.

While growth hormone adds some muscle, it doesn't appear to improve strength or exercise capacity, according to a review of studies that tested the hormone in mostly athletic young men. "It doesn't look like it helps and there's a hint of evidence it may worsen athletic performance," said Dr. Hau Liu, of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, Calif., who was lead author of the review.

Then this little tucked away tidbit:

But the new research has some limitations and sheds no light on long-term use of HGH. The scientists note their analysis included few studies that measured performance. The tests also probably don't reflect the dose and frequency practiced by athletes illegally using the hormone. Experiments like that aren't likely to be conducted.

The end of the article had this pearl:

Dr. Alan Rogol of the University of Virginia and the Indiana University School of Medicine, said the work was a good review but had to rely on inadequate research. "There are just tons of things we don't know," said Rogol.

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