Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great moments in spring training pranks

We always see some great pranks being pulled on rookies, from dressing up like the Wizard of Oz characters or TeleTubbies to being traded to Japan. But it's not often we hear of one being pulled on a strength coach. Frankly, this is awesome.

Chicago Cubs strength coach Tim Buss felt weak in the knees on Tuesday when players told him to take a look at his car.

According to multiple media reports out of Chicago, his 1995 Nissan Sentra was almost unrecognizable after someone or something destroyed it. The windows were smashed, the doors tied closed, the trunk peeled up and the roof punctured.

When he saw a couple of baseball bats and balls placed around the car …

"I figured [Jon] Lieber, [Kerry] Wood immediately, [Ryan] Dempster" he said, according to The Chicago Tribune. "Then I realized it was every pitcher we have."

Players allowed Buss to fume for a while. The coach was trying to figure out how to tell his wife about her car.

"It's a shame," Lieber said, according to the newspaper. "What kind of person would do something like that? It really just shocks me. I'm sure she'll understand."

Dempster finally told Buss to take a look at something else in the parking lot.

When he walked out, several players handed him the keys to a brand new Nissan Xterra SUV.

Almost moved to tears, Buss said, according to the Tribune, "They're great guys."

Good for the players to do something great for a coach.

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"Good for the players to do something great for a coach." Team Spirit :)