Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good for them

Good to hear of a team sticking up for its coaches, no matter the issue. Hell yes, even a Yanks fan applauds at the Sox threatening not to go to Japan unless the coaches are paid, as previously promised.

Manager Terry Francona and his players were extremely irked after learning the team's coaches were not going to get the $40,000 stipend they assumed they’d be getting for making the trip to Japan (players will also receive a payment). Francona had informed the coaches they’d be getting the stipend.

However, the Sox manager was told by members of the Oakland coaching staff that they were not being paid. Francona had thought it was unusual that one team’s staff would be paid and the other not. So he checked into it and found he and his coaches were getting nothing.

More succinctly summed up by David Ortiz: "It's really [expletive] up."

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