Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm begging: Someone muzzle Mt. Blowhard

I can't stand it anymore!!!

Really, as a Yankee fan, I can't stand hearing from Mt. Blowhard every week with some ridiculous proclamation, comment, ultimatum, threat. It's embarrassing and indefensible. As as honest a Yanks fan as I can be, the Sox have been a model of success the last few years. No, not just because they have won the whole shebang twice in four years, but because the way their organization operates. Senior ownership lets their trusted baseball operations staff do what they think is best for the organization, mixing in targeted and selected free agents with home grown talent. Great stuff, great model for long term success. And, they must be excited to see Hank taking the reigns the way he has. They must be praying for Hank to do something rash, which seems inevitable, doesn't it? Let's hope Cashman doesn't get axed after the first 3 game losing streak.

I just wish Hank would just turn off the mouth for a while. The games haven't even freakin' started yet!!!

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Rick Nania said...

J-I think he will be worst then his father.