Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great moments in Minor League ballpark promotions

With the hue and cry still raining down about now-former Governor Spitzer's, um, indiscretions, we get this:

A Georgia minor league team is hoping to turn Eliot Spitzer's scandal into a packed stadium.

The Macon Music is capitalizing on the outgoing New York governor's prostitution-related downfall, by serving up a "Eliot Spitzer Night." The man once known as "Mr. Clean" is invited to throw out the first pitch at the June 13th game, although he hasn't RSVP'd.

A South Coast League official says anybody named Eliot, Spitzer or Kristen, the alleged call girl, will get $1 off admission. The team also plans to give out a one-night stay at Washington, D.C.'s swanky Mayflower hotel, where Spitzer's alleged misdeeds are said to have happened.

And since Spitzer was described as "Client No. 9" in FBI documents, the ninth fan will get a prize. So will the 871st fan to buy a ticket, because that's supposed to have been Spitzer's Mayflower Hotel room number.

Amazing. Not to mention that the team name is Macon Music. I woulda figured they change their team name during "Spitzer night" to Macon Whoopie. I'll be here all week, try the veal and don't forget to tip your waitresses.

[And yes, the reason for this posting was solely to include a picture of Spitzer's ladyfriend.]

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