Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time to stop whining, fellas

Looks like the list of 2nd year players who have had their contracts "renewed" and are unhappy about it is growing. The whining, while understandable as they see the major loot the more established players are getting, has got to stop. The system over-penalizes players thru their early years and over-rewards as they mature. I'll tell ya what, if the players don't like it, go find something else to do. They knew this system has been in place for years and what it might mean to them if they overperform their salary. Tough. Grind your teeth, play hard and get paid when it's your time. Until then, stop the whining.

Clubs can renew the contracts of players who have spent less than three years in the major leagues. The only restrictions are the team must pay the major league minimum, $390,000, and no player can get more than a 20% pay cut. Yet, with the minimum salary rising from $109,000 since 1996, clubs are factoring in the raises players automatically get.

And Papelbon seems to be next in line to be upset about getting his contract renewed. I can hardly wait.

Closer Jonathan Papelbon hopes to avoid any unpleasantness by reaching an agreement with the Boston Red Sox before they renew his contract on Thursday. "I don't want to renew," he told reporters Tuesday. "I don't want to. But if I have to, I have to."
At least they aren't hiding behind the "it's not about the money" excuse!!!

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