Thursday, March 6, 2008

You ain't getting squat

For all those, like me, who dig memorabilia, don't hold your breath waiting for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to hold an auction of any and all Yankee Stadium "stuff".

The department has operated the ballpark since the city purchased it from the team in 1972. There's no timetable set yet for the demolition of the famed stadium, which has stood near the Harlem River in the Bronx since 1923, nor have details been finalized for the planned auction.

Even the Baseball Hall of Fame, which certainly will be in line ahead of the public, doesn't have any grand expectations.

"Remember, everything was new after the (1973-74) renovation," said Jeff Idelson, Hall of Fame vice president. "We already have Babe Ruth's locker and one than was used by (Joe) DiMaggio, then (Mickey) Mantle and Bobby Murcer."

I'd love to buy a strip of 3 seats (and I know it'd be much to my wife's dismay) and find a home for them somewhere. I can imagine having those three blue seats next to the sofa, watching a nice flat screen....Even if they are not the "original" Yankee Stadium seats, it'd be great to have a piece of history.

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