Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A look behind the lens

As one of many "former collectors" of Topps baseball cards, this article certainly struck a note. Now that my sons are getting into cards, I find myself going thru my stacks of cards reminiscing about them and that time in my life. Yes, Cardboard Gods has the market cornered on baseball card nostalgia, but the Gene Wojo article brings the photographer in front of the camera for his story.
Some of the interesting tidbits:

A Mark McGwire card features a Forwerck photo of the St. Louis first baseman diving for a line drive. Look hard and you'll see the company artist took out the umpire in the background, but forgot to take out the umpire's shadow.
Barry Bonds promised 30 minutes for a Topps shoot. Instead, Forwerck got him to stay for more than two hours. Turns out Bonds is a huge photography geek.

"Of all the big-name athletes I've shot, I've never met anyone more personable or interested in what I did than him," says Forwerck. "I love Barry. He's my hero."
Now, I just have to hope my 1975 Cookie Rojas is worth something.

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