Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good luck, Rocco

Some scary/confusing stuff from the Rays today about oft-injured but very talented OF Rocco Baldelli. Without knowing more about it, here's to hoping he can figure out the source of the problem, get treated and back on the field playing soon.

Essentially, his body is not allowing his muscles to work as they should and made it all but impossible for him to sustain any kind of regular activity on the field for any length of time. The problem is he isn’t replacing “ATP”—adenosine triphosphate—properly. This site provides an explanation of how ATP plays into exercise...”

Said Baldelli:

"I was having a lot of problems the last couple years with my muscles and muscle strains. I think a good way to describe it is literally muscle fatigue and cramping, way before my body should be feeling these things. I would go out there and I was pretty much incapable of doing basic baseball activities as far as running and hitting and throwing.

"When I say fatigue, I go out there and my body is literally spent after a very short amount of time out on the field, which makes it extremely frustrating and difficult, but it’s something that’s kind of a reality right now and something we’re dealing with the best that we can."

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