Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bathroom humor never gets old

Funny (if you find this sorta thing funny, that is) thing posted by Pete Caldera today: Brian Cashman loves a good fart prank. Who knew?

Ben Sheets apparently met with Cashman today, after Cash played his annual prank on the writers at his suite. Cash used an electronic "whoopie'' cushion and couldn't hold back the laughter after nailing his first unsuspecting victim by remote (thankfully, it wasn't me). "It's day one,'' Comic Cash said. "I have to have teams calling to get a mock trade going,'' he said, referring to his Dallas Winter Meetings prank of placing a Ben Sheets (what irony) trade proposal on his desk, visible to the writers. On the scrap of paper, it had Wang and Cano going to Milwaukee.

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