Friday, December 12, 2008

Last Peavy post...for now

After this, I am done riffing on the dynamic of leverage at play in the Peavy saga. I've written too many words on this, been mocked and ridiculed (maybe rightfully so) and frankly, I'm tired of the whole saga. But I'm not alone in those watching the dynamics of the leverage with this thing:

What they learned Thursday is that their leverage is more limited than they would like and that their desperation is apparent.
Every baseball executive is aware of the Padres' financial plight, of the divorce proceedings that have cut off the cash flow from owner John Moores and prompted a severe payroll purge. Most rational observers, then, expect the Peavy discount to deepen until the pitcher's $63 million contract can be unloaded.

Towers reiterated Thursday that the Padres would not trade Peavy unless the deal made solid baseball sense, but acknowledged holding on to the pitcher effectively tied his hands in other areas. Because moving Peavy would make for improved maneuverability and keeping him could be catastrophic in the event of an injury, an eventual trade is still the way to bet.

If you can't afford to make the payments, you can't afford to keep the car.
This last comment is precisely why I think Peavy will be traded. Cubs, Angels, Yanks. Someone with cash and prospects, or the creativity to get that which they are lacking.

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tHeMARksMiTh said...

If the Braves lose out on Burnett, I expect the Braves to come back to the Padres. They still have plenty of money to spend, but now, they'll be more willing to give up prospects. Then again, maybe they'll give Sheets a 2-year deal to come to Atlanta instead. My money's on Peavy, though.