Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe you've heard me say this before

Except now it's not coming from my mouth (or keyboard), but from Buster Olney.

Buster on the Yanks lurking, possibly waiting for a "Beltran Offer":

The Yankees made an initial offer to Teixeira, a proposal not close to the others, before they withdrew their bid, and they have maintained contact with the agent, Scott Boras. Three years ago, Carlos Beltran was a free agent, and near the end of his negotiations with the Mets, he offered to sign with the Yankees for a six-year, $96 million deal, or more than $20 million less than what the Mets had offered. The Yankees declined the proposal.

With Teixeira's negotiations with the Red Sox last week, in the failed meeting between the team executives and the player, the Yankees are at least preparing for the possibility that they will be presented with a set of parameters by Teixeira that would bring him to New York. If the first baseman gives the Yankees contract figures that absolutely would result in him signing with the Yankees, they want to be ready to respond.
Buster on the Boras/ARod/Texas parallel:
The Nationals reportedly made an offer of eight years and $160 million to the first baseman, and while some within the organization have privately expressed skepticism about their chances of signing Teixeira, they are viewed as a formidable participant because of their owner's deep pockets. A lingering question throughout these negotiations has been whether Teixeira would be willing to play for the Nationals or the Orioles, teams that figure to struggle in the immediate future, as they rebuild their pitching staffs.

Another Boras client did take a lot more money with a non-contender once --
Alex Rodriguez, who signed a record-setting $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers.
Stay tuned, they are expecting Teix to make his decision today.

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dinologic (Dean D) said...

I just saw this myself. I'm trying to convince myself that he's going to Boston but there's this little voice inside my head that won't stop talking. It keeps saying "It's not over 'til it's over."