Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Save your venom


Yankee bashers, save some of your venom. The Sox are entering the $200m contract realm. Does this mean they are officially out of the "scrappy, gamer, underdog" business and now headlong into the mercenary business?
Dan Patrick reported on his show on AM 570 that the Boston Red Sox have made first baseman Mark Teixeira an eight-year, $200 million offer.

If so, that blows the reported eight-year, $160 million offers by the Angels and the Washington Nationals out of the water.

Patrick said Monday morning: “
If it’s true they’re offering $200 million to a career .290 hitter, it’ll be interesting to see what the Angels do.”
Evil Empire II. Save your chest-beating, Sox fans, and look in the mirror. You aren't much different than the team you love to hate. Except your management allows facial hair.

Now...all fun aside, if the Sox get Teix, that's a fantastic move for them. He's a quality person first and foremost, an anti-Manny, if you will. He plays great defense, a solid hitter from either side of the plate. Seems to be accountable for his actions, which I love. Does he have the personality that will fit in a loose Boston clubhouse? Not sure. Can that be overlooked? Probably.
Add in Teix to that lineup with that rotation and I'd be hard-pressed to see any team beating them along the way to the World Series. Beckett, Lester, Dice-K at the front of the rotation with Papelboner at the end. Pedroia, Youk, Papi, Teix, Drew. That's a great team. Period. Hurts to say but it's true.

Can the Yanks climb back into the playoffs over this team and the Rays? Can the Rays sustain the '08 momentum? Will I be jealous/envious if the Sox land Teix? Maybe, probably, definitely.


dinologic (Dean D) said...

Ugh. That's all I can say. Do the Yanks even counter that? Will Boras look for 10/250?

Jason @ IIATMS said...

No way the Yanks counter. The best they can hope for is for Teix to "pull a Beltran". ie: come back to the Yanks and offer to take less to come there. Doubtful, though.

Mark said...

I have a few friends who still growl and snarl at the Yankees' spendy ways. I, personally, would rather root for the Red Sox as they are now, than be a Royals fan.

Joeorange31 said...

I'll say this: The Red Sox may be blowing a money making opportunity.
They could have been the media darlings...the democrats if you will. Had
they chosen to stay fiscally conservative, stick to the guys that got them
there...they'd BE that scrappy, underdog team that keeps butting heads with
the evil empire. The scrappy, do well, democrats, against the fat cat,
corrupt, encumbant republican elephants. They could have stayed loyal to
guys like Ortiz and Papelbon and Varitek. Instead, they think that they
NEED a guy like Teixeira in order to be competitive. Here's the
kicker....THEY DON'T!
Sure...maybe they could use a slick fielding first or third baseman to
offset the Greek God of Walks. Do they REALLY need more pop in that lineup
to be more than competitive? Seriously?
The Yankees know what they are and who they are. They'll never be last
year's Hughes, Kennedy, Chamberlain. They'll always be the big, bad
Yankees. They'll always overpay for Sabathia, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown,
Sterling Hitchcock. They'll make the playoffs. Sometimes they'll win the
WS and guys like Girardi will be hailed as a genius.
It was YOU that said to me "They'll (The Yanks) never be the cost cutting
teams. They'll never be the Royals, Twins, Marlins.

When the Red Sox put pen to paper on that offer, they became just as evil
and corrupt as the Yankees. Welcome to the pool, RSF. The water is warm
but the sharks are plenty.