Monday, December 22, 2008

Something about history repeating, being doomed

If this is true, it's clear that our boy Teix has no grasp of recent history. He need only look at the ARod deal of 2000 to wonder if he'll find happiness being the big fish in a small, stagnant swamp.

According to multiple sources, the Washington Nationals have sweetened their proposal to first baseman Mark Teixeira, offering him an eight-year deal worth $178 to $184 million.
I'm also told that they're willing to go nine years - and there's been talk of 10 - which could be one reason why agent Scott Boras is dragging along negotiations.
Not that I think the Nats are a bad organization, it's just that they are not going to be a contender for at least the next 4-5 years, at best. Right? Straight through the prime of Teix's career arc. And then what?

I know I titled this blog the way I did because it's almost universally true, but when you're talking about generational wealth, not just a lot of money, wouldn't you want to create a legacy to support that wealth? CC proved me right. While the rest of these guys will be merely filthy rich, I'm talking more about the guys like Teix, CC, etc. Generational wealth. Putting your great, great grandkids through college without a worry.

Maybe it's me and my position as a father of two young boys. I'd like be able to look them in the eye (had I been a super, duper star) and tell them that I took a bit less money to put myself in a position to win the World Series just once rather than tell them that I simply did the obvious thing and jumped at the highest bid that my agent could scrape together. I could see my son asking me once I retired: "Dad, how come you didn't want to play for the RedSox (or Yankees or Angels)? Why'd you pick the last place Nationals?" Would I be able to answer him with a straight face and tell him that I only wanted to play near where I grew up as the reason? After all, once you have retired, all you have are the memories of your playing days and the money you've earned. What's the practical difference between $175m and $160m in 15 years? Hell, put the money in the wrong spot and it could be equal. The only difference are the memories and the legacy you create. For image conscious guys like ARod and Teix, to forego this chance to chase the last dollar strikes me as odd, as if they have been brainwashed.

Going to DC, just as ARod followed Boras and the money to Texas, would be a terrible, regrettable move for Teixeira. And a move I hope he makes (because seeing him in Boston won't make me feel too good!). Then Boras can come and rescue him in a few years and place him in Boston or NY so he can proclaim that's where he always wanted to be in the first place (but lacked the stones to do it when the opportunity was at his doorstep).

I still say he lands up in Boston. It should be fun to watch Boston bump a Gold Glove 1B out of that position to bump their WS MVP out of the lineup into some dump trade, all in the name of Theo The Smart.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

It's all a part of the process. Now, Boras can go to the Red Sox and say, "See?" It's not that Tex necessarily wants to play in Washington. It's that he's trying to get the teams he really wants to play for to come up in their offers.

Carl the Big Fool said...

The argument from DC-area homers is that if Tex comes to DC, there may well be a statue of him outside the ballpark someday--he'd be one of our all-time greats. In Boston (or NY, for that matter), he'd be just another pretty good player.

I still won't believe he's coming to DC until I actually see him taking the field at Nats Park.

tadthebad said...

It is fun to see you try to create an argument about how getting Teixeira would really tip the Sox apple cart. I mean, it would really be awful if the aged Mike Lowell had to be dealt in favor of a younger, more productive and more durable player who is still better than average at third base. Theo IS smart, and this plan makes a lot of practical sense.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Tad, it IS hard to make the case, but I'm still trying. I think the world of Theo. It's just funny how the Sox are seemingly eager to eat all/most of the $24m owed to Lowell. It's a luxury, period.

Teix would be a great fit for Boston. Hell, he'd be a great fit for almost every team.

But I find it equally funny how Sox fans don't see this as a luxury purchase and see it as a "manifest destiny" thing; getting the guy that was designed to be on THEIR team only.

But I do love the debate.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Ahh Carl, I was waiting for you. My VOTN (Voice of the Nats).

I agree with ya, though

tadthebad said...

Hell yeah it's luxury. Only the foolish would try to argue otherwise...just like getting MBM would be a luxury for the Yanks, it just wouldn't make much sense, whereas Teixeira to the Sox makes some sense.

Unwrap him now, Theo. I want "our" marquee FA signed before Thursday! ;)

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Correct, Tad. Teix, luxury that has some foundation in reason and logic. Manny, not so much.

Merry Teixmas. You'll see that as my posting title if/when it's official.