Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surprise: it IS about the money after all

So it's happening: Sabathia's coming to New York. So it's about the money after all, eh?

After three straight days of face-to-face meetings between GM Brian Cashman and Sabathia, the big lefty decided he wants to spend the next six years of his career as a Yankee. The decision came late last night after Cashman flew to see Sabathia at his home in San Francisco. By the time the meeting was concluded, Sabathia had informed the New York Yankees that he had made his decision to call New York his baseball home, the Post has learned.
Jayson Stark posted this last night, before we learned that Sabathia appears to be headed to NY:

It was a visit, said one source familiar with the situation, that was "not about money."

This is a guy trying to come to grips with New York and whether he can play there," the source said. "I think, in his mind, he's trying to get there. But he's not there yet." So Sabathia called the GM of the Yankees late Tuesday afternoon and invited him for another chat -- their third face-to-face visit in the past three days. Except this one included Amber Sabathia, the wife of CC and a woman who clearly has questions of her own about whether New York is right for both of them.
I asked another baseball man who has known Sabathia for years whether he thought CC could work himself into a New York state of mind, even for $140 million. The answer I got:

Oh, he could play there. He could do it. CC is an amazing guy. There isn't anything he couldn't handle. But I don't think it would be his ideal scenario. Let's put it that way."
And the update from wire services updated a whole 5 minutes ago (at 8:42am):

While a deal is not done, the source said there are "zero major road blocks" that would prevent the Yankees from reaching agreement with the Yankees.

He's now excited about becoming a Yankee," said one source.

The terms of the deal are still being negotiated, and it's possible that the final deal will look different than the six-year, $140 million contract that the Yankees initially dangled -- perhaps with another year in some form, perhaps with more salary.
Great line from IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR... (emphasis mine)
Sounds like Cashman was the Lord of the Living Room last night, wooing Mrs. Sabathia and closing the deal with C.C.

More updates to come as I get to them (or you send them to me!)


Alex K said...

I guess all that talk about whether his agent was s*itting his pants with the negotiations was for not....

Jason @ IIATMS said...


ps: "for naught"

Alex K said...

I was pretty sure I didn't spell that right. Grammer = not one of my strong points.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Grammar wasn't one of mine either, but we're a full service shop here.

Alex K said...

However, begging a large left-handed pitcher for money is something I'm good at. Hey CC, can I get about 2 mil?

Alex K said...

I even knew about grammar, I think I need to stop posting now.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

No! There are no demerits, no detention. Just the love of self-deprecation.

Alex K said...

As I pointed out on another thread "mediocrity is my specialty" so I guess that works for me!