Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yawn: ARod to play for Dominican Republic

Please people, let's not make this any more dramatic than it deserves. Unfortunately, it's going to be another will he/won't he? situation again, just like in 2006. The WBC Hokey-Pokey.

He wants to play for the Dominican team,” [David] Ortiz said by telephone Thursday. “We’ll talk about it now after he gets here, and he’ll probably announce it here.”
You can insert your own joke/headline here. Here are a few to get you started:
  • ARod to play for the DR; Vegas odds for the US spike
  • ARod to play for the DR; US team rejoices
  • ARod and Big Papi together at last; Madonna on rampage
  • ARod to reject Madonna's request to play for the Italian team
  • ARod to wear man-scarf while playing for the DR squad
  • ARod to ask Madonna to sign permission slip to play for the DR in the WBC
  • DR to ARod: Gonna dress you up in my love jersey

1 comment:

Ron Rollins said...

You have it all wrong. A-Rod is doing this as a kind, benevolent act. This is Chipper's last chance to play 3rd in the WBC, and Alex is thoughtfully stepping aside to allow a future Hall of Famer his chance at glory in representing his country.

Just like the 2001 All-Star game, when he let Cal play SS and went to 3rd, A-Rod is all about the other players and will do anything for them.

So, by playing for the Dominican Republic, he avoids any controversy and shows that he's just a darn nice guy.

How can they not love him in New York after this selfess act?