Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Counting stripes

Leave it to the UniWatch blog to try to figure out how many pinstripes will be on CC's jersey, and how many were on Babe's, the Scooter's, Joba's...

So how many stripes will Sabathia be wearing? Unsurprisingly, neither the Yankees nor Majestic (MLB's official uniform supplier) wanted to help to answer that question, but Uni Watch has obtained information suggesting that the total may be as high as 62! That figure can be corroborated by examining how CC looked in the Brewers' pinstriped Friday throwback. Uni Watch counts 13 stripes from the right side seam to the center placket; assuming an identical count on the left side and then that total amount again on the back, we'd have 52 stripes. But the Brewers' pins are spaced 1.0625 inches apart, while the Yankees' are only 27/32 of an inch apart. Factor in the difference, divide by the square root of pi, carry the 2, and you end up with about 64. Granted, these are all rough calculations, but they appear to confirm that CC's pinstripe count will be in the low 60s.

Now then, how does that number stack up against some other famously plus-sized Yankees?
You'll have to head to the link to enjoy the goodness that is the UniWatch blog, which I thoroughly recommend!


Ron Rollins said...

I love sabermetrics. Makes the game so much more interesting.

Carl the Big Fool said...

I got a link from Uni Watch once. It multiplied my daily traffic by absurd numbers.