Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yanks pushing forward

While the Sabathia waiting game goes on, it seems the Yanks are getting ready to throw some bigtime loot around at the other top pitching free agents. It doesn't seem that this would preclude the Yanks from still offering Sabathia his golden ticket.

I'm not your source for every rumor (I'll defer to the more-than-able and adequately-staffed MLBTradeRumors.com for that), but here are the headlines on Burnett and Sheets:

  • Yankees going full throttle after Burnett
    But another offer may be in the works for Burnett, as the Yankees are said to be willing to go beyond the reported four-year, $60 million offer the Braves have put forth, according to reports on ESPN.com and SI.com.
    "We're dealing with other free agents at the same time," Cashman said. "We hope to engage some clubs while we're here. Obviously, today is Day 1 and we have needs we have to fill. I can tell you we're not waiting, per se, for CC. We're trying to affect change in our roster in a positive way with quality additions, but it's just been a slow winter so far."

  • Yankees Brewin' up multi-year offer for free agent Ben Sheets (The Daily News updated their dollar range; updated below)
    According to a source, the Yankees will offer Ben Sheets a multiyear deal - most likely for two years in the $26 million range - before the winter meetings conclude on Thursday

Sheets and Burnett. Tell me with certainty that this won't be another Wright and Pavano and I'll exhale. It's the extra year for Burnett that concerns me. I do like the 2 year term on Sheets.

Could the Yanks really land both Sheets and Burnett, lose out on Sabathia, and then decide to go for Lowe? Sheets, Burnett and Lowe. Probably for something in the same total price as Sabathia alone. Though, what if the Yanks land Sheets (or Burnett) before CC makes up his mind? Would that help sway the Big Guy?


Steve said...

Don't want Burnett or Sheets.
Gimme CC and Teix and my faith in the Yankee brain trust will be restored.
If they go after those 2 clearly injury prone players, they'd better get used to the sound of 29 other MLB teams laughing their butts off.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Can't disagree, Steve. But you're asking for $300 million for two players. That's some serious coin. Of course, we handed that to ARod for 10 years so what's more excess?