Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random thought of the day: Manny & The Rays

Was thinking about the big bats out there to be scooped up and Manny came to mind. With the Rays coming off an incredible season, a possible increase in attendance, after years of being among the cheapest teams in the game... wouldn't it be something it they landed Manny as their DH?

They already have a great OF and they have a need for a big bat as DH. The team seems to be a pretty loose bunch.

Manny thrived in the AL East and would surely love to get some cuts at the Sox in a visiting uniform. We already know he kills the Yanks.

Would this make sense?

/end random thought

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Ron Rollins said...

No, they have a lot of young players and a manager who won't put up with this games.

Manny worked in Boston with Ortiz, just like Dennis Rodman worked in Chicago with Jordan.

Take them out of their comfort zone and they become a distraction. They don't need his attitude around the young guys, and Manny won't be happy DH'ing.

Now the Yankees, on the other hand, would be a perfect fit.