Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best wishes for a wonderful 2009

Guys (and girls):

I'm still enjoying some much-needed time away but I wanted to take a moment to say thank you once again to all of you for coming by this year.

(absent from the picture is my little one, age 5)

Thanks also to those of you who have sent me some good articles to read while I am away. I've got a good "reader mail" rant to post and some other interesting links to share/discuss. In fact, I'll open the floor to you guys: If you have something on your mind and would like to craft a guest posting, shoot something my way. Just keep it clean and I'll post it. A fun way to end the year.

I'll come back with a flurry, likely over the weekend as I'll be flying East on New Year's Day.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy 2009, friends!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that's not California... no yankee fans allowed there! Happy New Year!