Thursday, December 25, 2008

Calling Boras' bluff

Seems that the Yanks held their ground pretty well against Boras, seemingly calling his bluff a few times in the final few hours before signing Teixeira. Kat O'Brien has some good behind-the-scenes stuff:

As for Teixeira, an official involved in negotiations gave a rundown of the back-and-forth between the Yankees and Teixeira's agent, Scott Boras. The Yankees had made a substantially lower offer to Teixeira before the winter meetings; an offer that was quickly pulled once Boras informed the Yankees how much he was seeking. The Red Sox, Nationals, Angels and Orioles bid on Teixeira in the next few weeks, with the Yankees not making another contract offer until late Monday.

Even Tuesday, hours before Teixeira agreed to terms, the Yankees were pessimistic about getting the 28-year-old slugger, the source said. Boras told the Yankees they needed a 10-year deal, with the last two years as player options. That got an absolute no from the Yankees, who had offered eight years and $180 million ($22.5 million per year).

Around midday Tuesday, Boras said Teixeira would agree to an eight-year contract, but only if the average annual value was $24 million per year, making the total contract value $192 million. The Yankees conferred, then told Boras no, that they had made a fair yet firm offer and would hold pat, the source said. Boras responded by saying that Teixeira would likely be a Red Sox. The Yankees refused to budge from their offer, and 20 minutes later, Boras called back and said Teixeira would take their eight-year, $180 million contract offer.


Alex K said...

Balls. Of. Steel.

Merry Christmas Jason!

Rick N said...

Good stuff. Thanks for posting this.

tadthebad said...

Well played.

JoeOrange31 said...

Here's the deal: The Yankees didn't bluff Boras, Boras used the Yankees to call the bluff of the Red Sox. They were playing chicken with him. Henry says "I guess we're not going to be a factor"?? Boras must think " I know who WILL be a factor. You don't want to play by MY rules? I know who will. Let's see how you like Tex signing with the Yanks for what amounts to the same money?"
As usual, his client got the most money, and his client got exactly what he wanted. The Red Sox didn't blink, but I am pretty sure that their eyes did tear up in the end.