Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting CC makes Peavy happy

See, you guys keep mocking the "obsession", but I'll continue to say that "he with the biggest wallet has the most negotation power". And if your target is happier now that you've hooked Sabathia, well, you get this:

If the reports are true that the Yankees will get ace pitcher CC Sabathia, the Yankees just became more attractive to Jake Peavy, but that doesn't mean Peavy suddenly is clamoring to wear pinstripes.

The Yankees would be more attractive if they get Sabathia," Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod, said going into this week's winter meetings.

But Axelrod cautioned that Peavy prefers to stay in the National League and that New York isn't his first choice geographically.

The Cubs and Padres are deep in talks on a Peavy trade. If those talks collapse, the Yankees might become more of a factor.
Maybe you've heard me say that a time or twelve.

I'll clarify my stance one more time, lest there be any confusion. I am concerned about Peavy in the AL East. I am concerned about his arm problems as much as I am with Sheets. But he did win a Cy Young recently and can still be a quality pitcher, especially when he won't be relied upon as your number one guy. I'm concerned, period.

Picture the Yanks sitting across the table with the Padres after the Cubs deal (theoretically) falls apart, staring Towers in the face...
Cashman: Kevin, we all know you need to dump Peavy's salary. One quarter of your payroll will be sucked in by this. I'll send you Melky, Kennedy, Igawa and one other lower level prospect. Kennedy and Igawa will do fine in the NL West.
Towers: C'mon Brian, we've been friends for years. Why you doing this to me?
Cashman: Not personal, Kev, just business.
Towers: I don't like it. Who are those big guys in the corner, anyways?
Cashman: Never mind them. I feel for you; your fans already are backing away and a terrible season looms. But at least this gives you some MLB-ready talent to fill the uniforms. How's John Moores' divorce going? As brutal as we hear? Face it, Kev, you have no choice but to take this. It's the only lifeline you have left. Cubs are out. So are the Cardinals, Angels, Braves, Astros. He doesn't want to go to Boston or any other AL team. You've got this offer or you can bleed cash with a disgruntled Peavy on your roster in April.
Towers: You have no idea. I'll contact Peavy to approve the trade. You'll have the paperwork by morning. Hey, come back here with my lunch!

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