Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And get off my damn lawn, too

Yanks honcho Lonn Trost had a few words to say to the kids (via Pete Abe) who want to get close to the field and watch BP up close and personal, maybe snagging a ball or autograph (emphasis mine):

On the issue of allowing regular fans and kids to watch batting practice from the field level, here is what Trost had to say: “If you purchased a suite, do you want people in your suite. If you purchased a house, do you want people in your house?”

Wow. That’s pretty much all the evidence you need about the caste system at the new Stadium. There is a Stadium for the wealthy and there is a Stadium for everybody else.

You know what is really sad about the whole thing? None of those people even watch BP. The entire area is largely empty before the game.
And get off my damn lawn, too. Punk kids.

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Steve said...

A guy like this obviously doesn't an internal censor. Otherwise he wouldn't have made such ivory tower, let eat cake kinda statement.
What disgrace this bunch is. Cashman and Levine included.