Monday, May 11, 2009

First thought of the day

So my older son groggily comes into my room this morning as I am about to leave for work. Half asleep, squinting, stumbling. He gives me a hug and mid-hug, his first thought of the day:

"I think Torii Hunter is going to win the Gold Glove again this year".
I guess he saw the highlight from this game (with the picture to the right):
The Los Angeles Angels' Gold Glove center fielder made a wall-climbing, homer-stealing catch in the ninth inning to help the Los Angeles Angels hold off the Kansas
City Royals
4-3 on Sunday.

Hunter sprinted about 150 feet across left-center field, leaped in stride and went about a foot over the wall to snare
Miguel Olivo's potential game-tying drive for the first out of the ninth.
I just didn't expect it to be the first thing out of his mouth this morning. I'll take that as a harbinger of a better week than last.

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