Friday, May 8, 2009

A bit more on HCG

I emailed FOTB Anthony Roberts, author of "Beyond Steroids", regular contributor to Muscle Evolution magazine and fellow blogger. He had this to say:

"My thoughts are simply that the continued failure of MLB (and indeed all sports) to eradicate banned performance enhancing drugs through testing protocols and Mitchell Reports (and the like) warrants severe inquiry into an alternative means of insuring a level playing field."
Anthony was also used as an expert source in a Lance Williams article on the subject published today (remember, Lance Williams was the co-author of "Game Of Shadows"):
"Many female fertility drugs are used to increase testosterone in men," said Anthony Roberts, author of "Beyond Steroids," a user's guide to performance-enhancing drugs. "HCG is incredibly common."

Roberts says steroid users often take HCG both during and after a steroid cycle. It's injected under the skin, much in the way human growth hormone is administered.

The drug is available over the counter in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, he said, and can also be purchased in the United States from online pharmacies.
Anyone think Manny did this stuff on the innocent? He wasn't taking it to regulate his ovulation cycles.

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