Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Remember Foulke? He hates Newark

Can't say that I blame him though I am digging his honesty:

"I'm not hoping to lead the Atlantic League in saves," he says. "I hope the phone rings today and it's the Diamondbacks and I can pack my stuff and get out of here."

Foulke lives in the Phoenix area but says he would play pretty much anywhere.

"Any big league city is better than being here," he says. "I'd even play for the Yankees. I still think I have something to offer."
Big league scouts sitting behind home plate give him mixed reviews.

"Minor league hitters can't touch him," says one. "It's only a matter of time before he gets a call, but not as a closer."

But another was less optimistic.

"He's succeeding with fringe stuff," said that scout. "An 84-mile-per-hour fastball. Any mistake he makes will be hammered up there."
If Percival can retire and come back... Izzy's trying a comeback (from injury)... why not Foulke?


dinologic (Dean D) said...

"I'd even play for the Yankees..."

Is he f*cking kidding? I know his finest moments came during his time with the Red Sox but shit, he'd be the luckest SOB in the world to be called upon by the Yankees at this point. What an ass.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

glad you threw that * in to mask the profanity. Oh wait... nevermind! ;)

I did love that comment, too.

dinologic (Dean D) said...

Sorry...sometimes the Jersey kid in me takes over. /blush

Marc said...

Totally agree Dean. If I'm Cashman, I'd call him, get him all excited about signing him and then call back and reference that quote and say, "Too bad you could kept your has-been, minor-league yap shut. We may have all the money and holes in the bullpen, but dont want anyone to have to settle playing for us. Go hang out with Schilling."

Lisa Swan said...

You know what's funny? Foulke hated, hated, hated playing baseball when he was actually good at it. I remember reading him say that more than once, and talking about how much he liked hockey better.

Guess he realized after retirement that not many real-world jobs pay as much as pitching in the big leagues does!

I need Money said...

wow that would suck being awesome at something but totally hating it

Carl the Big Fool said...

It is beyond me why the Nats haven't called him yet.

jorgesaysno said...

classic stuff