Monday, May 18, 2009

Pitcher gets an assist(-ed living suite)

Hearing about this was a first for me:

When pitcher Josh Faiola walks out of the dugout on opening day with the Lake Erie Crushers, he'll already have a large group of fans in the stands -- his new roommates at the Belvedere of Westlake assisted living facility.
Eighty-four-year-old Meda Dennis, who has been living in the center for four years, said Faiola's arrival is the most exciting thing to happen since a good Elvis impersonator showed up.
Anything's better than the Indians right now," Dennis joked. "We'll definitely be cheering for him, though, and if he happens to have a bad game, he'll have a lot of shoulders to cry on. But I don't think he'll need them."
Ouch, the Indians are getting ragged on by 84 year old assisted living residents. Guessing Faiola will have some knitted quilts to share with the guys, too. And a hat or three.

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