Monday, May 4, 2009

For $1.5 billion, I would have had a retractible roof

Not for nothing, but for $1.5 billion, I would have demanded that a retractible roof be installed. Is there really any reason why any stadium built today NOT have one? If you can't add another $200-300 million (sure, not MY money) to the approximate $1 billion you are already spending (fleecing from taxpayers, whatever), then you shouldn't build the stadium.

Remember, Minnesota's new stadium will have no roof and nothing beats a late night game in October in balmy Minneapolis.

There's just no reason why the new Yankee Stadium has to endure rainouts.

If you build yourself a mansion, you gonna cut costs and NOT put in a pool?

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Ross said...

That is so funny, Jason. I predicted this very reaction in today's weather post. I remember reading some study proving that it wasn't worth it to add the retractable roof based on the climate in NYC. Then again, those studies were considering the cost of the retractable roof, and weren't factoring in a stadium that ALREADY cost 1.6 billion. You're the pro on this stuff - I think it is post-worthy!!! Lets get some research on this!