Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now appearing on "The Steroid Times"

Strange but true: I've been graciously asked to be a contributing writer to a new site called "The Steroid Times", started by noted PED authority Anthony Roberts. Anthony has been a reader and 'advisor' here at IIATMS for some time and he asked me to contribute to his new site. We'll see what it becomes.

Won't be any real hard work for me as I will simply repackage my baseball/PED-related postings over yonder, but the site is hoping to become a new voice for all things going on in the PED/fitness world, not just baseball. The contributors include doctors, chemists, trainers, etc. All people way more credentialed than I, but Anthony wanted to dumb it down a bit, I guess.

SteroidTimes.com is a collaborative effort amongst journalists, steroid experts, authors, sports writers, nutritional experts, doctors, lawyers, and intellectual rogues, taking part in the ongoing battle between uninformed ignorance & prejudice versus the truth, which ultimately must prevail.


Alex K said...

Congrats Jason. I'm not sure if you want to turn this into a paying gig, but I would guess this could be a stepping stone to that.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


Thanks, but I have no dillusions of grandeur or even a permanent writing gig.

I remain tickled that there are guys (and girls) who enjoy reading my daily brain dump. I started this as a hobby and a hobby it shall remain.

Unless, of course, someone has an opening for a full time knucklehead.