Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red hats for all...BAD IDEA

I understand the proceeds from anyone gullible or lame enough to want a red Yankees hat will go to charity, but could any team look more out of place than the Yanks wearing a bright red cap?


I was OK with the stars and stripes in the interlocking NY last year because it was on a blue hat. This year, every team wore the same bright red cap with stars and strips on their logo.

It looks like a hip-hop video reject. What self-respecting fan would buy this abomination? Just make a donation instead of buying this thing.


Ron Rollins said...

Yeah, it's for the veterans.

Might look stupid, but it's still a good idea.

The sanctity of the Yankee image will survive an amputee getting a new job.

Ron Rollins said...

If the pink bats they use for breast cancer don't clash with the pinstripes, then neither does this.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

The bats are not part of the uniform; hats are.

And red ones look abysmal.

I'm the last person to criticize charity drives, but each team could have pledged to contribute $100K or whatever in lieu of the lame merch cash-grab.

Matt said...

Luckily I was driving all afternoon and thus didn't have to see the ugly hats.

I'm with you Jason - I'm all for supporting the veterans, but I think this is also self-serving on the part of MLB. As when they did the special hats for the 4th last year, the hats retail at a higher price than usual. MLB, New Era, Lids, etc. are all making the same profit while letting the consumer bear the cost of the charitable contribution. It really is all about the money.

Accoring to Lids.com the hats will be worn again for the 4th and for 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Jason. Red hats look okay on a Texas Ranger or an Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angel or a Washington National, but on a Yankee or a Cub they're beyond stupid. Seems like anyone smarter than Bud Selig could come up with a way of honoring veterans without creating bizarro uniform mixes and matches.

Anyone who signs off on this sort of thing is capable of approving anything--like Sponge Bob Squarepants day when the all the players wrap a sponge around their heads to raise money for hydrocephalic kids.