Monday, May 11, 2009

Something I missed last week

Among many things that whizzed by without me noticing or commenting, Maury Brown's interview in the USA Today is worth reading. In addition to being a good guy and more than upstanding citizen, he's becomming darn well-connected. We dig this.

What type of baseball fan do you cater to?
Since the direction has always been to cover all aspects of baseball outside the lines, the readership runs the gamut. Since we cover how contracts and salaries influence the game, there are a lot of fantasy sports fans, as well as agents. We are also visited heavily by members of the media due to how we report on television, radio and internet. And finally, each of the 30 clubs, the Commissioner's Office, and the MLBPA read us almost daily.
Congrats, Maury and keep up the top notch work.

Oh yeah, Maury interviews MLB Network's Matt Vasergsian today. Read on, friends.

(h/t to Shysterball for the head's up)

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