Thursday, May 14, 2009

Umps in stands

I was laboring on an ellipitical machine last night (a losing battle, again) while watching the middle of the Yanks-Jays game last night. The YES broadcast started focusing in on two fans, seated in the front row, who had decided to dress up as MLB umpires. One even wore a mask. High comedy.

You could hear them making the calls, too. On a strikeout, they'd both stand and make the motion. Annoying to some, funny to me. I'm simple that way.

Screen capture courtesy of the brilliant minds at FackYouk.


ditmars1929 said...

Fake umpires in the front row behind the plate, and the Yankees can't even get normal people to fill those seats in their mallpark. Hilarious.

Josh said...

fake umps>real umps


Jason @ IIATMS said...

As Jay @ FackYouk noted, those front row tix to see a first place team cost $210.

Take that, Levine/Trost.

ditmars1929 said...

Damn, I wouldn't even pay $210 to go to a game. I'm so old fashioned I must be fossilized. I have it stuck in my head, for reasons unexplained, that any seat should cost no more than 15 or 20 bucks. OK, maybe $35 for the very best seats. I'll have to look into why I think that one of these days.

For my last game in the old Stadium, I sat in the fourth row behind the Yankee dugout (son's best friend's dad has his law firm's seats on occasion). I glanced at my ticket stub on the way back from an ice cream stand to make sure I was heading to the right section/aisle, and noticed the $250 face value on the ticket. I almost threw up, I was so disgusted!

Phlip said...

These guy were into the entire game. I swear, they didn't miss one strike call.