Friday, May 22, 2009

The rebellion of the rich

More fun/shame at the expense of the soldiers minding the moat (emphasis mine):

The combination of food and security collided inside the Stadium Wednesday night. This had nothing to do with high-profile broadcasters or players' wives. This was a rebellion of the rich. In that expensive area downstairs - the one with the empty seats - there are seemingly more waiters and waitresses, serving free food, than there are patrons.

On Wednesday, it got so crazy that the fan-elite started tossing ice cream sandwiches over the moat to peasants sitting in the $400 "cheap" seats. This did not sit well with Toastie security forces, who began scolding their most prized customers. The lecture from security prompted a guy in the rich seats to say:
"I paid for this food, I can do with it what I want!"

Yeah, let them eat ice cream (sandwiches).
Wish I saw this live.

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ditmars1929 said...

Too funny.

Jason, went to the new place this week. Sat way in the upper deck, right field, section 405.

As promised, here's my very brief assessment of the new place - I don't ever want to go there again.