Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New PED bust in FLA; Nats mentioned

A major drug bust took place in Central Florida and the main source, Richard Thomas, implicated the Washington Nationals as having players amongst his clients. (emphasis mine)

What investigators aren't sure of is whether Richard Thomas, 35, is telling the truth when he said he is the biggest steroid provider in Central Florida and that he sold mostly to professional athletes, including those on the Washington Capitals hockey team and Washington Nationals baseball team.
The sheriff said when Thomas was asked whether he had sold steroids to professional athletes, he replied, "
You name the sport, and I've sold steroids to athletes who play it."
More to come as I learn more.

For additional details/commentary, please check here or here. Thanks to Anthony Roberts for the tip.

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Jake said...

If this is the Nats on roids, just imagine how bad they'd be clean!