Friday, May 29, 2009

The next PED storm cloud gathers on the horizon

Earlier this week, before the Manny-stuff, I posted about the latest PED bust. I know, we are all sick of these sorts of things: the shady characters, the allegations, the dirt, the sleaze. This one is no different, sadly.

Thomas told detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office after the raid that he was the largest steroid dealer in central Florida and had provided steroids to members of the Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals. He declined to discuss those statements during the interview Thursday at the Polk County jail, but he promised to share details of steroids and sports once he is released.

Get me out of here and you’ll get a huge story," Thomas said.
Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League opened investigations into the allegations Wednesday, while law enforcement officials made pains to say that they were not in a position to release names of any specific athletes that Thomas may or may not have identified. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said authorities would have a better idea about Thomas’ clientele after they examine his home computer and review mountains of documents seized from the house.
There were steroids in the closets and steroids all over the house,” [Polk County Sheriff Grady] Judd said. “We asked him to educate us and he pointed to some brown pills and said ‘That’s Oxymetholone, from Iran. This is the stuff cops are afraid of. It makes you so strong and crazy you want to flip a car.'"
Can't wait. Moving on...


Alex K said...

Does it even matter what names, if any, are named? It's not like a player can be suspended with out a positive test. I get a sense of dread when I hear stuff like this because I know we are going to go through the same song and dance as we have for every MLB player that has been outed. And in the end it won't get us anywhere.

I'm all for cleaning up baseball now and going forward, but we can't change what happened. I wish we could just move forward.

Jason @ IIATMS said...