Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One review of the ARod book

Friends, as you could probably tell by the fewer-than-usual number of posts here the last two weeks, I have been underwater at work. The good news is that it should crest on Friday.

I don't have the ARod book and unless some publisher wants to send me one to review, I won't have it either. But Lisa Swan from Subway Squawkers DOES and she put forth an excellent review:

What we do know is that Roberts does not attempt to interview some of the sources who would paint a more positive portrait of Alex, like Doug Mientkiewicz, Michael Young, and Lou Piniella. Instead, Roberts' work in the book is not just one-sided; it has a breathtaking lack of perspective. Alex's three MVP awards get about the same amount of space in the book as his oral hygiene habits. There are two pages about how A-Rod treated waitresses at Hooters, but not one word about how he let utility player Nick Green live with him and his family for two months in the summer of 2006.

Roberts also has a real taste for hyperbole. It's hard to take Roberts' work seriously when she compares Alex to the sociopathic "Talented Mr. Ripley" and the evil Mr. Potter of "It's a Wonderful Life." A-Rod may be a selfish narcissist - and a cheater - but he's not a monster.
There's much, much more and all of it is worth reading. Good Great work, Lisa!

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