Monday, May 18, 2009

I could watch this play a hundred times

UPDATE: The video was removed from YouTube. My apologies. If I (or you) can find another one, please let me know. Here's a link to the video at They won't let users share/embed it, though. Dumb move, MLBAM. Why not let your best customers share your product?

Sure Gardner was out, but what an amazing play. If you didn't see it, here's the video (sorry, the audio is not aligned with the video):

I can't get over how gorgeous this was, from the aggressiveness of Gardner to the presence and awareness of Mauer, the luck of the pitcher behind-the-backing the ball to Mauer, not to mention the awesome physicality of Mauer's play and the near swim move by Gardner.


Ron Rollins said...

He was defintely out, but Mauer has to learn to keep that other hand somewhere else.

He was obviously trying to push him off the plate, and that's a no-no.

If it had been a closer play, I would have called him safe on the push.

Still, great headsup on both parts, and nice stab by the pitcher.

The Common Man said...

Loved that play. Loved it. Couldn't believe it while it was happening. Hated the result of the game though (really, all of them this weekend were equally awful).

dimitrios said...

The really amazing thing is that Gardner took off running from second base and the play was that close. The more I see this kid in action the more impressed I am with him.

cmasone said... was a terrible decision by Gardner. The 3B coach is giving you the stop sign, you'll have first and third with Robbie Cano at the plate and one out -- and you're Brett Gardner and can probably tag and score on a popup to deep short. Even if Cano pops out or Ks, you've got Jeter at the plate.

I'm not impressed by rookie mistakes that could have cost the game.

Ron Rollins said...

I think MLB has the video.

dinologic (Dean D) said...

Bad play or not, I like the aggressiveness. They only have one guy who could even attempt that sort of thing and he's it. Maybe if they were on the road, I'd say it's not a good play. But at home, bottom 9, you gotta take that shot. That's Gardner's job.

One thing to note - on Sportscenter (and probably other media outlets) they were claiming Mauer "faked to first". If he claims that, then fine, but I don't buy it. He clearly intended to throw to 1B, realized he couldn't get him, stopped his throwing motion, then casually looked back to see where the runner on 3rd was. If he faked, he'd have pumped and then immediately made a move towards third. But there was a slight hesitation. Another millisecond, and Gardner is safe. Great play all around.