Friday, May 8, 2009

Murray Chass crushes Selena Roberts

The crusty Murray Chass has a field day treating Selena Roberts like human pinata:

Roberts has written a book about Alex Rodriguez, and it is a journalistic abomination. That phrase probably won’t appear in any advertisement for the book, but it should to alert prospective readers what they would be getting.

I use the word journalistic rather than literary for two reasons: 1, the book grew out of a Sports Illustrated project; 2, Roberts has been a newspaper and magazine reporter and columnist and as such has practiced the craft of journalism. Based on the book, however, she needs a lot more practice.

In general, Roberts makes far too many serious allegations about Rodriguez to hide them behind anonymous quotes. Rodriguez deserves more, but more importantly readers deserve more. There is far too much in this attack book for Roberts to expect readers to take it on faith that her anonymous sources are real and they can be trusted.
To quote the Batman fight scenes: "Bam Boff Sock Crash Whamm Pow Zap Splatt"

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tadthebad said...

I'd have to consider that a beat-down.