Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clemens interview quick thoughts

Just watched/listened to the Clemens interview on Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio. Time constraints between the almighty commercials kept it brief.

From my notes:

  1. Why coming out now to talk about this?
    - Feels it's "piling on"
    - Traveling with wife out of country and wanted to address this before leaving
    - Too much "garbage" in the new book
    - "Completely false"
    - "Trying to move on"
  2. McNamee claims there is drug paraphrenalia with his DNA on it
    - "Impossible because he's never given me any"
    - Never given/injected any drugs by McNamee.
    - "No HGH or steroids"
    - Given DNA to testers "willingly"
  3. Most of his defamation lawsuit has been thrown out of court
    - Rusty Hardin still dealing with it
    - "How do you defend a negative?"
  4. About drug use
    - Talks about his family history of heart trouble (EDIT: including his step-father, which is as irrelevant as him talking about my family history)
    - "Would be suicidal" for him to have used
    - Drugs are "horrible"
  5. Regarding Pettitte/Knoblauch who claim/admit McNamee gave them HGH, other stuff
    - "Andy misremembers"
    - Only chatted with Pettitte a few times since, sounds cursory
  6. On Manny
    - Don't know Manny's details
    - "We have great testing"
    - Story: One during his playing days, he was told to submit to a test. The testing people came to Clemens' house so he could show his son about being tested.
    - "Testing is working"
  7. On ARod
    - Glad he came out
    - Wish him the best
  8. On the HOF
    - Would love to be elected
    - Has no control over the situation
    - Stats should speak for themselves
  9. How should the HOF voters handle those accused?
    - "Can't speak for them"
    - Should be based upon on field performance

UPDATE: Here is the interview

From FackYouk, who clearly don't buy what Clemens is dishing

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