Saturday, April 11, 2009

Imagine that: NY's new stadiums have Mafia links

Shocking as this may all seem, turns out several companies with links to organized crime were utilized in the construction and demolition of both Yankee Stadium and Shea/CitiField.

The roughly $17 million demolition of Shea Stadium, which cleared the way for the new Citi Field in Queens, was largely done by Breeze National Inc., whose vice president, Toby Romano, was convicted on federal bribery charges in 1988 and whom law enforcement officials have identified as having ties to organized crime.

Much of the electrical work at the new Yankee Stadium was done by Petrocelli Electric, a company that since June 2006 has been on a list of contractors that New York City cautions its agencies against using.

The owner, Santo Petrocelli Sr.,
was indicted this month on charges that he had been bribing a leading union official for more than a decade.
Wonder what else is buried in the cement besides a Big Papi jersey?

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Zach Sanders said...

With names like Toby Romano, and Santo Petrocelli, how could you not expect that they are gangsters?