Monday, April 6, 2009

25 things facing the Yanks, Canadian style

A sobering and otherwise depressing view of the Yanks 2009 season done in a "25 things" style can be found here, at Neate Sager's place. Some of the best ones:

2. One Buffalo columnist imagined a major-league roster drawn entirely from the best players age 25 and under. One big takeaway: He didn't have a single Yankee.

3. That knee-jerk impulse about how Allen James Burnett only manages to throw 200 innings when he's in his contract year (and the one time he wasn't, he needed elbow surgery) was probably right.

7. They will be the best third-place team money can buy.

8. Right-hander Phil Hughes, or as he's alternately known, The Reason Johan Santana's A Met, is still only 22 years old.

25. Jaded Jays-fan backbiting aside, Yankees fans is good people, especially Jason at It Is About The Money, Stupid. You have to be courteous and friendly. Please remember that there but for the grace of God goes Roy Halladay's future team.
Yep, I am a straight up sucker for anyone saying nice things about me.

And I think Neate is spot on with some of these, #25 aside.

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Mark said...

"The House That Lack of Couth Built" is officially the coolest and funniest sports-related thing I have heard this year, and I can't imagine it being surpassed.