Thursday, April 9, 2009

And this should be fun

So Wang was terrible last night. What better way to end a season-starting 0-2 hole than to run up newcomer AJ Burnett? Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?

Sabathia, Wang and Burnett were supposed to be a one-two-three combination that knocked out opponents. Two games into the season, and it's the Yankees starters who are leaving the mound bowed and bloody. Burnett gets the start against the Orioles today. He'd better be throwing lightning bolts or the Yankees will be looking foolish before they get back to their new billion dollar palace in the Bronx next week.

It's still early and there's no need to panic. Joe Girardi and his players said as much, over and over, following the Yankees' 7-5 loss to the Orioles at Camden Yards Wednesday night. Remember 1998 when the team went 1-4 to start and finished with 114 wins, they say.

At 0-2 with 160 to play, no one is jumping off a bridge. But considering the Yankees spent $161 million for Sabathia and $82.5 million for Burnett and not to mention the $180 million for Mark Teixeira, who is 1-for-Baltimore in two games, this is past disappointing. This is embarrassing.
Holy crap, guys. Seriously? Do we need a refresher course in both history and perspective?

Sabathia was dreadful last April and Teix is a notoriously slow starter. Expecting CC to roll a complete game and Teix start 5-8 with 2 HR and 5 RBI is just not fair. Deep breath, fellow Yanks fans. Cleansing breath. Leave the panic to the lame writers.

But since the writers and some overly zealous fans seemed to have forgotten:
  • Sabathia
    (March/April 2008): 1-4 record, 7.88 ERA, 6 HR allowed, 1.94 K/BB ratio.
    Highest monthly ERA rest of the year: May, 2.44.
    K/BB ratio May-Sept 2008: 5.19.

  • Teixeira
    (March/April Career): 130 games, 0.254 BA, 0.344 OBP, 0.438 SLG, 19 HR (1:26.3 AB)
    2008, by Month:
    March/April: 0.273/0.333/0.464
    May: 0.268/0.379/0.412
    June: 0.287/.0424/0.617
    July: 0.307/0.430/0.545
    August: 0.386/0.479/0.663 (holy crap!)
    Sept/Oct: 0.333/0.417/0.631

So, let's not get too crazy just yet. If Burnett gets hurt while serving up a grand slam tonite, I will get the pitchforks and torches, of course.


dinologic (Dean D) said...

I thought the same thing about Burnett - let's just hope he doesn't go out there thinking he has to get those two losses back by throwing 100mph. If you were to write a script about this team falling apart in the first week, that's how you would write it. Sabathia bombs, Wang bombs, Burnett to the DL.

tadthebad said...

Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa. Oh, delicious.