Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Suck it, Kansas City

Sorry, I really want the Royals to do well, I really do, but this is what you get when you sign Kyle Farnsworthless:

  • K Farnsworth (L, 0-1; B, 1) 1.0 IP; 4 H; 3 R; 3 ER; 0 BB; 1 K; 1 HR; 27.00 ERA
Serves up a HR to Thome in the 8th to lift the WhiteSox to a victory! Two years of Farnsworthless. Yee-freakin-haw!


Ron Rollins said...

I want to go ahead and nominate my co-idiots of the year.

Dayton Moore is the lead idiot for giving Farnsworth a job, let alone $4 mil.

Trey Hillman is the second-fiddle idiot for using him on opening day when the entire staff is available.

What two complete morons. I'm sorry, I don't nomrally believe in personal attacks, because it is just a sport. But those two are complete idiots.

I would rather have Tony Muser and Allard Baird back, because it leaast it wasn't an ego thing with them. It was just incompetence.

These two are so stuck on themselves and their supposed ability to make decisions that they don't understand how completely useless they are.

This is why I don't do a Royals blog.

Ron Rollins said...

Someone in a position of authority gave me permission to continue my rant.

What was up with that lineup? I know they kept talking about it all spring, but no one thought they were serious (in other words, that friggin' stupid).

Tehan batting 3rd? Agains a lefty?
Tehan batting 3rd? Agains a lefty?
Tehan batting 3rd? Agains a lefty?
Tehan batting 3rd? Agains a lefty?
Tehan batting 3rd? Agains a lefty?

I just want to make sure eveyone got that. Tehan batting 3rd? Agains a lefty?

Jacobs starting? Against a lefty?

Gordon batting 3rd? 3 of the first 5 batters were lefthanded? Against one of the premier lefthanded starters in the league? And 5 of 7 lefties?

The man is a complete idiot and has no clue how to manage. Thanks, Hillman. I get to spend another season watching the Royals lose 90+ games and finish last again? What an idiot.

Their are only two bigger idiots in Kansas City.

1) Dayton Moore
2) The entire Royals fan base if we don't run them out of town before the All-Star break.

The Royals have been a losing franchise for 15 years, and it won't change because we still have 2 losers in charge.