Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball franchise valuations

Trying to sneak this one in...

Forbes latest MLB franchise valuations (click to enlarge):

Cardinals #8 overall, especially in revenue, was a bit of a surprise.

How good/smart do the Marlins and Rays look?

Yanks "value" increased 15%. Guess they don't mind the Stadium's empty seats!

Nats, or really "the Nots", lost 12% in franchise value. The euphoria of getting a franchise sure waned pretty quickly, eh?

The Operating Income column can be misleading, but only the Yanks and Detroit LOST money....and look how much money the Nots and Marlins made!!!

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Mark said...

For the Marlins and the Nots (I love that so much, I must now use it forever), the operating income equation probably goes something like this: (craploads of income) - (minuscule costs [salaries/amenities/etc]) = craploads of income!

I'm very happy to be a fan of a team that invests most of the money it makes.