Monday, April 6, 2009

IIATMS Fantasy League Update, pre-Week 1

I've been meaning to get to this, but between my fading memory, an amped up workload and assorted other stuff, it escaped me. I want to provided at least weekly updates on the inaugural IIATMS fantasy league.

  1. There was a bit of a dust-up early as one owner waived Joba within hours after drafting him in the 8th round. I publicly (and privately) asked the owner to explain why he'd do something like that, particularly given the audience. I was also concerned that it might have been done by mistake and I wanted to correct it, if it was an error, prior to the waivers executing. Others were also wondering about the dumping of such a high profile player so quickly after the draft.

    Let's just say that some found my asking "offensive", as if I were the roster police and wondering if I was going to do this for every add/drop. That wasn't my intention but some took it that way. Long story short, the dust-up has been settled with Zach (MLB Notebook) adding Joba via waivers. A nice "find" if you ask me. With the kinks worked out, we're all sailing along now.
  2. We also had our first trade:
    + The Greater Fool Theory (my team) sends: Adam Dunn, Chien-Ming Wang, Elvis Andrus
    + The MLB Notebook (Zach's team) sends: Tim Lincecum, Shane Victorino

    This featured a team with many power bats sending one to a team with power arms. I loaded up on big bats early and often in the draft, leading to my first pitcher (Dice K) being selected in the 7th round.

  3. Other than that, it's been pretty quiet since #1 was settled.

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