Friday, April 10, 2009

Torre finds a new Proctor

{My activity here will be limited today due to an increased workload, so I will try to be brief, which is hard for me.}

Seems that Joe Torre has found a new whipping boy --a new Scotty Proctor, if you will-- to abuse out in LA.

I distinctly remember Vin Scully's soothing voice last night telling me that Dodgers manager Joe Torre didn't want to use Cory Wade on back-to-back days after the second-year setup man battled shoulder soreness early on in spring training.

Yet what did I see today in the eighth inning against the Padres? Yes, that was Cory Wade, for the second day in a row and third time in four days. He entered a one-run game in the eighth with no one on and one out and, after retiring the first batter he faced, gave up a triple, a game-tying single and then a go-ahead double before being removed in favor of Guillermo Mota.

The simple fact is that Torre just can't help himself.
Torre's mismanagement of his bullpen based upon an overreliance on a few of "his guys" is a story well told and borderline legendary/criminal (depending on your perspective). Hell, Torre's abuse of Scott Proctor even spawned a damn fine blog (Scott Proctor's Arm).


Steve said...

Title for this entry could have been "Torre finds a new Quantril" or "Torre finds a new Tom Gordon".
If there's one thing the Joe G. haters can't hate on Joe G. for is the way he handled the bullpen last season.
Lets just hope he won't have to manage it the same way under the previous circumstances of last season.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Or Stanton. Graham Lloyd. Jeff Nelson.

Poor Tom Gordon.