Friday, April 3, 2009

Interesting tidbits

From a list of 100 random things about the Red Sox, Rays and Yanks:

16. While no team stole more bases in the American League than the Rays last season (142), the downside was that no team was caught more often (50). Their stolen base success rate of 74 percent trailed both the Sox (77) and the Yankees (75)

19. There are no pitchers who have pitched for all three franchises, although Wade Boggs pitched in mop-up duty for the Yankees and the Rays. The only four players who played in the majors for all three franchises are:
  • Wade Boggs -- hit .338 for Boston, .313 for New York, and .289 for Tampa Bay.
  • Jose Canseco -- hit 52 homers for Boston, 6 for New York, and 43 for Tampa Bay.
  • John Flaherty -- played 49 games for Boston, 134 for New York, and 471 for Tampa Bay.
  • Rey Sanchez -- had 357 at bats for Boston, 181 for New York, and 285 for Tampa Bay.
35. Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner was successful on 83 percent of his steal attempts in the minors. He has been successful in 13 out of 14 major-league attempts.

40. The Yankees were 77-0 last year when going into the ninth inning leading, but 1-64 when they entered the ninth trailing.

88. The Yankees had 49 comeback wins in 2008.

100. In six seasons with Minnesota, David Ortiz hit 58 homers, in six seasons with Boston he's gone deep 231 times. He has hit the most homers against Tampa (34), and has 25 against the Yankees.

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